Slovak Cemetery Babies Graves

The stories of hardship and loss that early immigrants to Roslyn endured are exhaustive.   On Sunday, May 30th, 2021 family members gathered at the Slovak Cemetery for an unveiling ceremony of 14 headstones on previously unmarked babies’ graves.   

Dale Briese, great grandson of Izidor and Elizabeth Magda tells the story how his great grandmother coped with the loss of seven babies from 1902 to 1912.   She carried a doll for comfort and remembrance of her babies – John, Andy, George, Steve, Joe, Elizabeth and Mary.

Beverly Prkacin Read, granddaughter of Andras and Anna Vargo Jasso, learned of her uncle, Andrew Jasso, burial site when she brought her mother, Elizabeth Jasso Parkerson, to visit the Slovak Cemetery.  Elizabeth placed a headstone on her brother’s grave in 1979 – seventy-two years after he died of whooping cough.   

Beverly is also the niece of Mary Jasso Hudak.  Mary married Mike Hudak in 1906 at the age of 14.  Her first baby, Paul, was born January 12, 1907 before her 15th birthday and died at eleven months.   Her second baby, Mari, was born January 9, 1908 and died twenty days later.

Kathleen Michael (Markovich) represented the families of four Markovich babies.  Information for Donna Jean Markovich and Dorothy Eve Markovich was found in her father Alfred Markovich’s bible.  Donna Jean and Dorothy Eve were stillborns and are buried at the foot of their mother June Markovich’s grave.  Research is ongoing to find the parents of Rosie Markovich and Steve Markovich.    

The discovery of the babies’ burial place was enhanced with the GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) led by Professor Steven Hackenberger and students at Central Washington University.  Research was completed by members of The Heritage Club Cemetery Committee – Lynda Solter and Maria Adams.  Beverly Prkacin Read coordinated the team effort.  Alfie DuBay installed the headstones with layout and design assistance by Henry Johnston and Dick Watts.